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Date: 2018-02-20 14:32

Here is my original post regarding the carpet beetle, (edited and free of citation links, so you`ll just have to take my word for it). In a nutshell, it appears that there are a few unlucky people who are allergic to the HAIR of the carpet beetle larvae. Which is why after all your house keeping, insecticides, pest control technicians and natural remedies you are still having issues. The hairs are a defense mechanism against predators, even a well armored wasp finds them irritating. They get stuck within the fibres of clothing, bedding and furniture, much like a grass seed gets stuck in your socks / trousers or even your carpet and often can not be easily removed by vacuuming or laundering. You have to pull it out by hand. Unfortunately, unlike a grass seed, these nasty *censored* larvae hairs are numerous and too small to see, which is why you may continue to be plagued long after you have killed every bug and vacuumed your home 655 times. Almost all people have an allergic reaction to bed bug saliva and again, some people are unlucky enough to have severe reactions to bed bugs which can include all the symptoms folks are describing here: (welting, burning, rashes, hair loss, malaise/lethargy, compromised immune systems). This is why these carpet beetle larvae hairs are often mistaken for bed bugs (or other biting insects) as they produce similar symptoms in the few people who are unlucky enough to be susceptible and why one person in the household can be afflicted while the rest of the family may think they`re just going crazy. The carpet beetle larvae feed on keratin, chitin and natural fibres. They do not eat synthetic fibres, (or suck blood). The adult carpet beetles do not eat keratin or fibres, (or suck blood). The adult beetles are pollen and nectar feeders. After mating, the female adult carpet beetle will seek out a suitable place to lay her eggs. A suitable place includes a plentiful food source and a safe place for the larvae to feed, such as the folds and tiny cracks and crevices found in clothing, between sheets and bedding, the edges and corners of your carpets and furniture, etc. They love birds nests for the shed feathers but will happily seek out rat/mice nests in your shed or roof void, your pets bedding, and of course your bedding! The larval stage lasts anywhere from 7 months 8 years (depending on species and environmental factors such as food supply, etc). Larvae are able to survive several weeks without food. Once they complete the larval stage they pupate and emerge as the adult beetle usually at the start of Spring and they then fly back outside to seek pollen/nectar, to mate and to start the cycle again.

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